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If your needs are simple then our economy package may be ideal for you. For $200, you get a single page WEB site with text and up to 5 graphics. Add basic hosting for only $15 for 3 months and your WEB site is up and running.

WEB Design and Hosting

Scott Office Solutions provides professional web page design that best advance our customers' ideas, products, services and public image. Whether Scott Office Solutions creates your web site in its entirety or develops it based upon your existing promotional materials or ideas, the finished web site is always a collaborative and cooperative effort. We work closely with you to achieve visual interest while effectively describing your product or service in a clear, organized, user-friendly way.

The melding of text with images is an aspect of the World Wide Web that makes it a very effective tool for widespread exposure and cost-effective advertising. We can organize, present and otherwise assist in this creative web development process. Professional photographic services are also available to create web-appropriate images that will help accentuate your ideas, products and services.

In addition to web site development services, Scott Office Solutions offers domain registration and economical web site hosting for all your web presence needs. We provide prompt maintenance and promotional support to insure that your web site remains up-to-date, entirely functional and receiving optimal web traffic exposure - and all at an reasonable cost to our clients.

Design Services

We offer the "Standard Web package" for simpler sites and the "Custom" web site designing for more complex sites with multiple pages. Some customers start with the Standard Package and later upgrade to a Custom site. Our catalog of design services include: graphic design, photographic & scanning services, HTML coding, autoresponders, image mapping, cascading style sheets, visitor counters, customer input forms, tables, frames, animated graphics, Flash, PHP scripting, mySQL online database support and more.

Standard Package

The Standard Package consists of a single Web page containing: Customer-provided text, up to five customer-provided images/graphics, and an E-mail address link. Also included are navigational links and other HTML design features to enhance your Web page.

The Standard WEB package price is $200.00. Down payment of 50% due in advance. Balance due upon delivery. Additional pages, graphics, etc. can be added to the Standard Web site at any time.

Custom Designed Site

Following consultation, an estimate and design contract will be provided for approval prior to any work being initiated. Price quotations are valid for thirty days from the date of issuance. A down payment of 50% is due in advance with the balance due at time of delivery.

Custom design services are charged at a straight hourly rate, currently $50.00/hour. Design services include Web design, page formatting, scanning of artwork or photographs, computer generated artwork, HTML coding, secure shopping cart, PHP scripting, autoresponders, mySQL database connection, data entry, Web page updates or additions.

Hosting Services

Once your Web pages are designed and ready for public viewing they need a "home" on the World Wide Web so they can be accessed 24 hours a day by your prospective clients. This is done by uploading them to a hosting service. Scott Office Solutions offers very reasonably priced Web site hosting plans for your Web site.

Three hosting service levels are available. Listed below are feature and price comparisons between Economy, Dependent and Independent sites.

Economy Web Site:

The Web address (URL) of an Economy Web site will be in the form:

Hosting Fees are $5.00/Month for 5 Meg. Web space.

Dependent Web Site:

The Web address (URL) of a Dependent Web site will be in the form:

Hosting Fees are $10.00/Month for 10 Meg. Web space. Includes Weekly Statistical Reports.

Independent Web Site:

The Web address (URL) will be in the form:

Monthly Hosting Fees are $25.00 for 25 Meg. of Web space. (Discounts Available) Includes Weekly Statistical Reports.

Discounts of 5%,7%,9% are available for paying hosting fees in advance for 6, 9 and 12 months respectively.

Domain name (Ex. registration is $19.00 per year for all .COM .NET .ORG .BIZ .INFO and .US domain name registrations. (Discounts Available)

Domain name transfers add one year to your current registration period. All fees are non-refundable.

Updates and Maintenance

One of the many distinct advantages that a Web site has for advertising or providing customer information when compared with traditional printed ads is that a Web site can be changed as many times and as often as desired.

Scott Office Solutions will promptly respond to requests for changes and updates. Usually an e-mail or Fax exchange is all that's necessary for providing update instructions or requesting modifications. Minor changes or updates are generally are made within a matter of hours.

Fees for changes and additions are charged on our hourly basis, currently $50/hour. If your Web site will require regular, on-going changes we can also work out a regular maintenance agreement with a set periodic fee.

For more information or to order a WEB site, Contact Us

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Weekly Web Site Statistics are sent to all Dependent and Independent customers hosted through Scott Office Solutions. From these reports you can determine:

Photo Services

Customer-supplied photographs, negatives, slides or digital images as long as they are sharp, properly exposed, and well composed can effectively be used on your WEB site. Some customer-supplied photos can be improved or manipulated using our professional imaging software.

Or, You may decide to give your site a competitive edge by using professionally created photos. Consider using the services of our staff photographer to add professionalism to your Web site. All photographic services are charged on an hourly basis.


Graphics and photos can greatly enhance the overall appeal of a Web site. However, when used incorrectly they can actually inhibit its effectiveness. So that the "look" of your Web site will be unique, we prefer to create original graphics rather than use Clip Art or other stock graphics. Our graphics are designed with visual appeal, speed of loading and utilization by Search Engines in mind.

Graphics possibilities:

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