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Custom Music

Custom Services for Band Directors

Do you need a selection of music engraved, arranged, or transcribed? Do you have need for music that is adapted to the special composition and skills of your musical group? Do you have a desire for a musical selection that you can't find in publication? Often bands and other musical groups need music that fits them.

Maybe you have a piece of music that you have written, but do not have the time or inclination to arrange it for your musical organization. We can arrange it for you

Maybe you have a piece of music, but players find it hard to read, and you would like to have it engraved so that it has a professional look. We can engrave it for you.

Maybe you have a musical selection, but it is written for a different type of musical organization or contains instrumentation that you do not have, and would like to have it adapted. We can transcribe it for you.

You will find that our prices for selections already in our catalog, needing only minor adjustments to fit your organization, competitive with published music.

For custom work, we will quote an estimate. If the actual hours are less than the estimate, you will be charged actual hours.



An interactive Forum dedicated to discussion and collection of information on historical and out of production Brass Wind Instruments.


Scott Music Services

A Brass Instrument Repair Service emphasizing the economical and efficient return of brass instruments to playable condition.

Musical Arrangements

Here are a few examples:

We may have something available that will meet your needs with a minimum of adjustment.

Civil War Series
(Music that was associated with the Civil War Military Bands)

Other Musical Organizations

Other Concert Band Selections

(A note on the following selections. If you don't already have the Scorch Plug-In by Sibelius Software on your computer, you will be automatically taken to their download page. In order to use the viewing and play back feature of these selections, you will need this Plug-In. While what you hear may be helpful in evaluating this music, you need to rely on what you see, as different computers with different sound cards will greatly affect the sound reproduction.)

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